The EARL DOMAINE D’AGERBOL is an AGRICULTURAL FARM located in Roquebrune-Cap-Martin, at an altitude between 430 and 490 metres, 900 metres as the crow flies from the sea and just below the Mont Agel.

The history of these lands dates back to the 16th century BC when groups of horsemen originating from Eastern Europe came to this region and brought with them new customs that were unfamiliar to the autochthonous population.

These populations lived in dwellings called les LIGURES and congregated in small villages on the hills, which were often terraced for agricultural and livestock farming.

The last century has witnessed the disruption of the traditions of this territory; our goal is to bring them back with an agricultural revival that centres around a full, 360° respect of nature. 


The plots of land that constitute the property as it is now, were gradually acquired, while in a state of total abandon, having been completely ravaged by the 2007 wildfires. 

We took the microclimate of this land into account and committed to rehabilitating the flora of this property by specialising in ORNAMENTAL FOLIAGE, AROMATIC HERBS AND MEDICINAL PLANTS, MARKET GARDENS AND FRUIT TREES.

To date, over 2,500 shrubs and trees have been planted in accordance with the principles of ORGANIC GARDENING but a myriad of other plant species naturally grow on these lands such as MYRTLE, in particular, wild fennel, rosemary, bay, thyme, fig trees, mastic trees, rock roses, wild asparagus, ‘taradeau’ (Phillyrea angustifolia).

Our aim is to restore the natural flora and fauna of this territory by nurturing the indigenous species that lend themselves to ornamental foliage but also medicinal plants that are processed into essential oils and herbal teas as well as several exotic plants which are perfectly compatible with our particular climate. All of our products are STRICTLY ORGANIC and ECOCERT certified (including our ornamental foliage) since 2011.


All our products are


ECOCERT certified

(including the ornamental foliage) since 2011.




06190 FRANCE

SIRET 847.782.836.00013

ID EUR  FR 81847782836

NAPI (numéro d’apiculteur) A 5072225

ECOCERT   06/113687/880157

TEL. +33 (0)658392901

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